1. Type specimens are sent, and must be returned by, registered airmail; they must be returned separately from other borrowed material, in lots of not more than five. Packages from outside North America should be sent by air mail. Please do not send packages during December.
  2. Unless stated otherwise, loans are made for an initial period of 2 years from date of receipt of specimens; types are lent for 3 months. Most loans are renewable on request.
  3. Loans initiated by graduate students must be cosigned by the major professor.
  4. No part of the loan may be forwarded to a third party without written permission.
  5. Institutional identification labels are provided which include the code number for this loan. The borrower is requested to affix a label to each specimen upon receipt. The labels should not be removed prior to return.
  6. All specimens with restriction labels must be returned to the American Entomological Institute.
  7. The Institute requests a report of progress and/or a request for loan extension prior to the end of each loan period. Specimens must be immediately returned when a loan is terminated or extension denied.
  8. Copies of all publications based in whole or part on study of these specimens are requested. When reprints are not available, the Institute should be notified of the citation of the publication.

LOANS OF HOLOTYPES. To avoid damage to these irreplaceable reference specimens, workers will initially be provided with research-grade photographs of holotypes.

RETENTION OF SPECIMENS. Authentic determinations are always appreciated but these are not paid for with part of the series. It is understood that the work is in return for the privilege of receiving the loan.

All specimens must be returned.Specimens for retention should be suitably marked. If indicated retentions are in accordance with the conditions below, the desired specimens shall be immediately returned to the borrower.

Specimens may be retained only under the following circumstances:

a) An exchange in return for the specimens kept is agreed upon. Exchanges which increase the taxonomic diversity of the American Entomological Institute are encouraged.
b) The borrower describes a new species. In such a case, the borrower may ask to retain duplicates if there are more than ten paratypes, up to a total of five (i.e. the eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth etc.) of each sex. If an allotype is designated, this counts as the first paratype of that sex (and is to be returned to the American Entomological Institute).
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